Atelier Candles create bespoke botanical inspired scented home fragrance products for the discerning luxury homewares lover.

Our TimberwickTM candles use only Premium quality ingredients including natural Soy Wax infused with pure botanical Essential Oils.


At Atelier Candles we handcraft candles in the traditional way, like a bespoke tailor made suit, carefully, lovingly and just for our select clientele. Our candles are not mass produced in an overseas factory but crafted by an artisan candlemaker. We select and handblend the botanical essential oils to a unique recipe and infuse them into (non GMO) premium quality Soy Wax and handwick the real veneer TimberWickTM. that burns a little slower with a crackling firewood sound.

There are 10 unique blends to choose from including Tangerine Lemon Lime, Tibetan Temple, Pomelo Red Ginger, Lemon Lavender, Lemongrass Coconut, Eucalyptus Lemon Myrtle, Cedarwood Juniper, Coconut Mint, Lavender Peppermint or Cucumber Ginger Mint or the Limited Edition of White Rose & Lemon Leaf..



Our fragrant blends are inspired by nature with botanical scents that are infused into the all natural Soy Wax and burn with a real TimberWickTM. Try our outback Aussie favourite of Eucalyptus Lemon Myrtle or maybe citrus fresh Tangerine Lemon Lime or the woodsy fragrance of Cedarwood mixed with Juniper Berries or the relaxing Lavender with a Lemon freshness. To compliment such beautiful scents we chose gorgeous luxury decor inspired high quality glassware in a choice of Copper Bronze, Rose Gold or Obsidian Black tumblers.         

Co-ordinate with matching Dust Lids in Glimmering Copper, Iconic Gold, Chrome Silver or Black Oak Timber.

These 10 unique scents are available in a 200mL Fragrant Reed Diffuser System in metallic Copper, Iconic Gold, Silver Chrome and Matt Black. This long lasting fragrance system delivers scent for upto 26 weeks!


Our Candle Studio is housed in a historic Victorian-era building and is a sanctuary for lovers of luxury scented candles that are handcrafted on the premises. We are located in the small rural town of Gloucester. Nestled between The Bucketts Ranges and the Mograni Ranges near Barrington Tops about 120 kms northwest & inland from Newcastle. Our retail storefront is open to the public every Friday & Saturday from 10am with the complete ATELIER CANDLE & HOME FRAGRANCE Collection on display.

Quantities vary daily due to Store sales.

Every bespoke candle is handmade with real wood veneer TimberWickTM and the unique fragrance blend. Bespoke Custom orders are available on consultation.

Pride in our craftsmanship is paramount to us, so our guarantee is that you would love it or we will replace it at no charge!

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